Is your product difficult to install?

No! It is very easy to install in the paper towel dispenser. An instruction sheet will be included with each order to explain the installation.

Will I damage my dispenser?

No, the adapters have been made in a way that does not affect the performance or integrity of the dispenser. The adapters can be removed with no affect to the dispenser.

Do I need to install with adhesive?

Adhesive dots are included in your purchase. Some of the adapters are made without the need to use adhesive. Please test fit the adapter first. If adhesive is required than apply the adhesive dots to the back of the adapter before installing into the dispenser.

Can the adapters be removed?

Yes! The adapters have been made in a way that can be installed with minimal impact to the operation of the dispenser and if you choose for any reason to remove them you may do so. There is no affect to the look or operation of the dispenser. A plastic pry tool or small screw driver can be used to pry off the adapters. If you used adhesive to install the adapters use your fingers to peal off the adhesive dots. If the adhesive residue remains then lightly rub with Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) until it is fully removed.

Is there a warranty on your product

Yes, Warranty periods lasts as long as you own the adapter.

Do you accept returns?

Yes. If for some reason you change your mind or if its not a good fit for you, please contact us and we will do what we can to help.